TresVista Partners with Aspire For Her to Unveil Report on Women at Work

Hyderabad: TresVista, a leading provider of high-end outsourced support to corporates, asset managers, and entrepreneurs has reiterated its focus on women empowerment by partnering with Aspire For Her, a non-profit company that aims to inspire and support women in the workforce. The combined efforts of TresVista’s CSR team and Aspire For Her have led to the creation of a comprehensive report on Women at Work, which focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on working women’s lives and careers in an attempt to highlight the various painpoints in a working woman’s journey and initiate meaningful discourse for envisaging feasible solutions.

The research report studies the impact of the global pandemic on India’s women workforce, focusing on four main variables – industry sector, occupational status, work experience, and hierarchical position. For Aspire for Her, the report serves as a foundation for the work that needs to be done within women’s communities to cater to their changing needs and work requirements. The comprehensive research was conducted with a sample size of 800 women across various industry sectors, occupational status, work experience, and hierarchical positions.

The report states that the proportion of working women that were negatively impacted was 25.1%, and those that were both positively and negatively affected was 54.9%. These numbers combined indicate that over 80% of working women were impacted in some form. 38.5% of working women said they were adversely affected by the added burden of housework/childcare/eldercare, and 43.7% stated that their work-life balance has become worse. The average age of these women is 37 years, and 52.7% of the respondents have children.

According to Vishal Shah, Director, TresVista, “Throughout 2020 we saw women, both in personal and professional lives, put in double the effort of managing home and work. It was a tough time for salaried professionals as everyone feared loss of job. It raised questions about security and a sense of belonging. That is why it became an urgent need to study the effect of COVID-19 on the women workforce in India.”

“As a financial services provider, TresVista is extremely focused on enabling the Indian population in all possible ways. One of the pillars under our CSR focus is women empowerment. We value the role that women can play in India’s socio-economic growth and are committed to empowering women so that they can choose to walk their own path. This has motivated us to support and collaborate with Aspire for Her,” added Shah.

The wide-reaching research has helped Aspire For Her craft the strategy for motivating women to enter and stay in the workforce. According to Madhura Dasgupta, Founder & CEO of Aspire For Her, “This is not just a report but a lighthouse for us. All of us at Aspire For Her appreciate the wonderful support provided by TresVista in fulfilling our vision of building a community of 1 million working women who are financially independent!”

In the last two months, through WiT (Women in TresVista) committee, TresVista has organized two workshops for women in the organization for leadership and development training. The pro-bono collaboration has enabled TresVista to meet its joint commitments to corporate social responsibility and WiT (Women in TresVista). Both TresVista and Aspire for Her hope that the report insights will help organizations work on initiatives to help women in the workplace. It is likely to be a beacon of hope for the working women community in India.


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