TRIFED in collaboration with UNICEF & WHO launched digital campaign through webinar for SHGs to ensure Tribal Gatherers carry on their work safely

New Delhi: TRIFED today launched through a Webinar, Virtual training to its Trainers and Self Help Groups (SHGs) on basic orientation on Covid-19 response and key preventive measures to ensure tribal gatherers carry on their work safely. It is aimed to reach more than 18,000 participants andwould cover tribal regions across all the 27 States. To ensure tribal gatherers carry on their work safely, TRIFED has collaborated with UNICEF and WHO for developing a digital communicationstrategy for promoting a digital campaign for Self Help Groups (SHGs) involved in this work, highlightingthe importance of Social Distancing.

Addressing the participants, Shri Pravir Krishna, MD, TRIFED said that the safety of tribal gatherers during Pandemic Covid-19 is our top priority and we have to ensure that the tribal gatherers carry on their work of procurement of tribal produce safely. The target of this Digital Campaign is to reach up to 50 lakh tribal gatherers to ensure their safety.It is the peak season for collection and harvest of Minor Forest Produce (MFP)/Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) in many regions. Certain proactive measures need to be initiated to ensure the wellbeing of the tribals and their economy by providing them safety and ensuring their livelihoods.

UNICEF is providing the necessary support to the SHG Centers in the form of Digital Multimedia content, Webinars forVirtual trainings (basic orientation on COVID response, key preventive behaviours), SocialMedia campaigns (on social distancing, home quarantine, etc.) and Vanya Radio.Additionally, TRIFED has reached out to the Art of LivingFoundation’s #iStandWithHumanity Initiative with a Stand With TribalFamilies component in providing much needed food and ration for survival of the tribalcommunity.

A total of 1205 VanDhanVikasKendras (VDVKs) have beensanctioned in 27 States and 1 Union territory involving around 18,075 Van Dhan Self HelpGroups. This involves over 3.6 Lakhs tribal gatherers in the Scheme. To start with, 15,000of these SHGs will be promoted as Van Dhan Social Distancing Awareness cumLivelihood Centers’ through a digital training program. The SHGs will create awarenessamong the community about social distancing and steps to be followed. Do’s and Don’tsAdvisories relating to NTFP to be kept in mind during Covid-19, providing suggestivepractices for maintaining personal hygiene, adopting cashless practices, among others will beshared.