Trinity College Dublin: Trinity’s School of Medicine launches ambitious new research strategy 2021-2026

The recent launch of the School of Medicine’s newly published Research Strategy 2021-2026
was co-hosted by the new Dean of Research, Professor Wolfgang Schmitt and the new Director of Research at the School of Medicine, Professor Ursula Fearon.

Professor Schmidt discussed the challenges around research during a global pandemic, and noted the flexibility & resilience shown by researchers & healthcare workers during this time. He praised the broad research & deep culture highlighted in the Strategy and the excellent quality of early-career researchers in the School. Professor Schmidt also spoke of the importance of supporting younger researchers in the pursuit of funding.

Professor Louise Gallagher, out-going Director of Research at the School and the main architect of the School’s Research Strategy explained the strategy development process and how the vision and values for Research Excellence and Impact took shape. She noted:

We punch above our weight in research outputs, reflecting the strengths within our school.

Speaking on the impact of the School’s research and the positive effect on societal health and well-being, she noted: “..this is why we do what we do.”

Placing Public Patient Involvement (PPI) front and centre of health research planning and communications

As evidence of the School of Medicine’s deep commitment to Public Patient Involvement (PPI), Dr Avril Kennan, CEO, Health Research Charities Ireland (the umbrella organisation of charities active in health, medical and social sciences research) was keynote speaker. In her keynote presentation Dr Kennan emphasised the importance of co-creating research questions as well as increasing diversity in research.

Research Vision
School of Medicine research will be internationally respected and will lead transformation at the heart of Irish health innovation, delivering improvements in health services and patient care.

School of Medicine research will improve good health and wellbeing, as articulated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Research Values
Trinity’s School of Medicine is a research-led school that values cutting-edge innovation, leverages local, national and international collaboration, and is focused on improving human health and healthcare.

The School believes that this can be achieved through a blend of curiosity-driven and theme-focused strategies that address both fundamental biological questions and health inequities. All our research is performed with the highest integrity and ethical values.

The School values the contributions of stakeholders, patient groups, health NGOs and the public to guide and co-design our research towards meaningful impact.

Research Mission
• Support excellent and impactful research to improve health and patient outcomes.
• Train the health research leaders of tomorrow.
• Attract and grow an innovative and diverse multidisciplinary faculty.
• Invest in the sustainability of our infrastructures: diversify our funding.
• Collaborate with all our stakeholders, including patients, to guide more meaningful impact.

New key awards announced by the School of Medicine at the launch

A key priority in the school’s strategy was a commitment to establish annual prizes that recognise outstanding contributions to research and the achievements of our early-career researchers.

– Trinity College Med Awards Programme
As a first step in implementing this strategic objective, details of the €50,000 Trinity College Med Awards Programme were announced during the Webinar.

– Trinity College MED Research Impact Awards 2022
The €21,000 Trinity College MED Research Impact Awards Programme 2022 aims to promote and enhance communication of research impact in a language relevant to all stakeholders. Priority will be given to that research with demonstrable and significant benefit to the respective audience or stakeholder group most affected by the research findings. In 2022, there will be 3 awards of €7,000 each. The initiative aims to highlight research with potential positive impact on society.

– Trinity College MED Research Seed Awards 2022
The €30,000 TCD MED Research Seed Awards Programme 2022 will support new and innovative research and enhance the School of Medicine’s ability to compete for large-scale, external awards. In 2022-23, there will be three awards of €10,000 each.

The initiative aims to advance the research priorities of the School of Medicine’s Strategic Plan, raise the national and international profile of the University through increased competitiveness for funding from sources including the European Commission, Wellcome Trust, Science Foundation Ireland, Irish Research Council and Health Research Board, as well as other external funding agencies.

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