Trio World Academy installs a digitally backed foolproof school security

New Delhi: Trio World Academy, in an attempt to enhance the on-campus security, has installed, a mobile and tablet friendly app. The app has been developed to complete authentication, verification and automation of every individual entering and exiting the premises.
In the wake of rising crimes against children, it is essential to adopt fool-proof methods to ensure child safety in schools. The Karnataka State Government has spoken in tandem with this requirement by mandating schools to keep a record of all visitors. While most schools already have certain measures in place, they come with their own loopholes. Traditional logbooks make it easy to log in false information and CCTV cameras do not always guarantee credible identification in the aftermath of an event.
To overcome these shortcomings, Trio World Academy has installed a complete security and monitoring solution developed by WhoCame.In, which is highly dependable to keep with the evolving security and surveillance needs of today’s schools. The security system includes a mobile friendly android app, developed automate, record and manage visitor in-flow and out-flow efficiently. It has a pre-defined list of members with their details including phone number and photographs to identify visitors. The app also issues a QR code to every new visitor, after registering their number and photograph, making it easy to record and retrieve data. Moreover, visitor phone numbers are authenticated only after they give a missed call on a specified number. The process takes less than 30 seconds to verify a new visitor and about 10 seconds for second time visitor. This allows the app to record authentic details backed by foolproof technology, in real time.
“Safety is the right of every child and being part of an educational institution it is important to have a safe environment for our students. is one such software that ensures the identity of the person is well documented on digital app and can be retrieved as and when necessary. This gives a sense of security to the parent’s students and the staff working in the school” said KM Naveen, Managing Director, Trio World Academy.