Trio World Academy students shine in IGCSE exam 2018

Bangalore: The students of Trio World Academy brought laurels to the school in the IGCSE exam 2018, the results of which were announced recently. Many students from Trio World Academy secured A’s and A* grades in several subjects. The total number of A* and A’s in all subjects are 47. Ramya Satish Iyer scored 6 A* while Karun Divij Balachandar from A level scored A in Chemistry and Physics and A* in Biology. Tanvi Kapil and Namita Xavier scored 4 A* and 3 A* respectively.

Commemorating the success of his students, Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, Trio World Academy said “Our students have made us proud once again. The success of these students highlights the quality of teaching and learning at TRIO. We have continuously strived hard to better the results each passing year and we look forward to sharing many more success stories of TRIO in the coming years.”