Trio world school amid the lockdown continues to groom their students through digital technology

Bangalore: Trio World School, successfully has launched online classes for their students from grade 3 to 7. The School has been efficiently leveraging digital technology and collaboration tools to ensure students continue to learn while staying safe at home. The online sessions have witnessed the total attendance of students and has enhanced the confidence of the teachers who have worked hard to build up a curriculum for kids that make online learning a joyous ride.

Trio World School has been curating an innovative and engaging virtual learning solution for students by conducting overall online classes. Through brushing the skills on core subjects and by involving students in creative and interactive extra-curricular activities like music, dance, Zumba, training the students on life skills, meditation, yoga, art and physical exercise. Other than this the students are also being counselled on the current lockdown situation. This is helping the kids to bond with their family and use their extra time in a productive manner. The school believes that every source that is available needs to be put in use, so that they can provide only the best for their students.

Turning every obstacle into an opportunity, Trio World School has been grooming their students using various online platforms, software and technologies like Microsoft Team, Webinar, Audio-Videos, power point presentation, what’s app groups, video conferencing throughout the lockdown to keep their students productively involved in activities.

Adding on the same, Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, Trio World School, said, “The corona virus pandemic has led to major disruption in learning due to the shutdown of education institutions. Advancements in technology has helped us in making online classes more accessible for both schools and students. Hence we are trying to build a curriculum which can make the best out of the situation, ensuring that students don’t miss out their academics. I’m glad to say that the credit for conducting these sessions successfully goes to the teaching staff of Trio World School, as they have put all their efforts together to build this curriculum for the students. Our aim is to combine both academics and common skills in our kids, and the online curriculum developed also suffices as it brings balance and a sense of achievement in kids, when they accomplish the given task with in the session.”

The student’s performance is also being tracked by the teachers through regular assignments-feedback process.