TRIO World School students represent internationally as voice of the youth

Bangalore: Once again the students from TRIO World School made their mark from over 150 aspirants all around the world as International Youth Ambassadors in the prestigious International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum 2017 that was held in Singapore recently. International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum was a conference that aimed to bring together a worldwide panel of experts, educators, parents and accomplished youths to share their visions and collaborate on subjects that matter to them. The students from TRIO who represented the voice of the youth in this global platform were Spandana Sugandaraju (Grade 6), Misha Phokela (Grade 7), Atharva Mamadapur (Grade 7) and Pramatha Santhosh (Grade 7).

IYLIF identify International Youth Ambassadors (IYA) to represent the voice of the youth globally. It empowered youth to unravel infinite possibilities by going beyond the boundaries of countries and cultures. The mentoring of the IYAs continues beyond the conference until 31st December 2017 to equip and assist them to be future change makers. IYAs will continue to be a part of IYLIF in various roles for the years to come.

All youth in the age group of 10-17 years were eligible to participate in IYLIF 2017. The participants needed to choose from a range of topics such as personal triumph, future of education and human values, technology and its effects, sustainability, bullying, stress and being a youth. The aspirants either needed to send a 2 minute unedited video of their speech or speak in front of the judges during the audition. The selection panel selected the candidature solely by analyzing how well one presented oneself in the video. Also the application form had to be duly filled in mentioning one’s hobbies, talents, values and extracurricular achievements, before submission.

The students who participated in this forum from TRIO raised awareness about issues that are setting the agenda in today’s world. In this age of social media and materialism, people are eventually turning more self- centered and greedy. Digging into the stories from ancient India, Spandana, an International Youth Ambassador from TRIO shared her thoughts in this forum on the necessity of nurturing the seeds of human values in children right from an early age. Her concern was also echoed in the words of Misha who argued that schools should play a major role in helping to build empathy, humility, accountability and a never-say-die attitude among students while confronted with various obstacles of life.

Another student Atharva looked beyond his age when he spoke about the innumerable aspects of technology in shaping our lives and making it easier. He further added that the world had indeed shrunk with the boon of GPS and communication. Yet, technology, if falls into the wrong hands can wreak havoc and cause dire consequences. When all is said and done, everybody in this fast-paced era seemed to be bowed down with stress and weary of rat-race. Pramatha Santhosh had a few points to give to the world on how to de-stress ourselves and be at peace with ourselves. Much like a counsellor, she engaged the audience in few physical exercises to calm them down.

“We had a lifetime experience in International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum 2017. We were also mentored over 2-days of BootCamp with experts to groom us into inspiring youth leaders. We also aspire to make a difference in the society through our small efforts”, said the participating students of TRIO World School.

“We are immensely delighted to find our students winning laurels not only in the national but in the international platform too. We are always on our toes to render any kind of support that they need to realize their dreams and would love to witness more such participations in the days to come.” said Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, TRIO World School.