Tripartite agreement signed

Time of action: Petrozavodsk State University, JSC “Karelgaz”, Karelian regional branch of the MOOO “Russian Student Detachments” signed a trilateral agreement on cooperation.
At Petrozavodsk State University, a trilateral agreement on cooperation was signed between Karelgaz JSC, KRO MOOO Russian Student Groups and PetrSU. The agreement was signed by the first pro-rector of the flagship university of the Republic of Karelia Sergey Korzhov, the general director of Karelgaz JSC Elena Gruzdeva and the commander of the regional headquarters of the North Ossetian organization Vera Bilkova.

The subject of the agreement is the development of promising areas of cooperation, including the organization of internships and internships for students, employment of students and graduates. As part of the interaction, educational intensives will be held to build the competencies of students in the field of organizing and maintaining gas transportation and gas supply infrastructure. KRO MOOO “Russian Student Detachments” will act as the organizer of the profile group and will coordinate the interaction between students of PetrSU and JSC “Karelgaz”.

The parties also announced their intentions to develop and apply artificial intelligence technologies as part of the strategic task of gasification of the Arctic, the Far North and equivalent areas. Student teams, institutes and innoparks of Petrozavodsk State University will play an active role in the formation of the personnel reserve of the gas industry in the region.

For reference:

Karelgaz JSC is a part of the ecosystem of key companies of Gazprom PJSC and is the market leader in the Republic of Karelia in the supply of liquefied petroleum gas to the industrial and civil sectors. Today, the share of gasification in the region is about 93%. JSC “Karelgaz” annually sells to consumers over 15 thousand tons of liquefied gas. The enterprise is represented in all districts of the Republic of Karelia and provides qualified jobs for over 500 people – specialists not only in the field of direct operation of gas infrastructure, but also in logistics, monitoring, transport security, and environmental protection. JSC “Karelgaz” is a member of the working group on the deployment on the territory of the Republic of Karelia of a unified system for calling emergency services using a single number “112”.

KRO MOOO “Russian Student Detachments” is one of the largest youth organizations in the Republic of Karelia, the main goal of which is summer employment of students. Thanks to the KRO MOOO “RSO” over the past 5 years, more than 3000 students have been able to find a job. Also KRO MOOO “RSO” has extensive experience in organizing additional education courses for students, volunteer and cultural events. Today more than 200 students of the Republic of Karelia are members of the organization.

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