Trucknetic is set to hire 150-plus tech developers and logistic experts to penetrate deeper pan India

New Delhi: Trucknetic, a tech-first logistics company, is set to expand their team, hiring more than 150 engineers and logistics experts to consolidate customer base & accelerate expansion globally.


It is no secret that COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the logistics industry around the globe. Trucknetic plans to build a tech-enabled ecosystem that will enhance the process for better and seamless ways for logistics.


“We are currently set to hire 150-plus to meet the demands of new business wins on digital transformation and to deliver future-ready applications to customers,” Founder and Chief Trucking Officer of Trucknetic, Arham said.


“Despite the pandemic, we had strong growth in our customer base. Additionally, Trucknetic has a hundred per cent client retention. We need to expand our team to get the right set of people so we can deliver faster, better, cost-effective solutions for modern digital businesses,” Arham said.


“We are building the future of logistics & supply chain, bringing together traders and channel partners via our platform, using a highly scalable and low capex business model. We are seeing a huge line up of brands to onboard on our platform. We are rapidly expanding to reach close to 100,000+ downloads on its Trucknetic Carrier app and close to 25,000+ downloads on our Trucknetic Shipper app by March 2022,” he added.


Trucknetic is a technology platform that connects shippers with carriers and establishes a marketplace which is a central portal for both front loads and backloads by using machine learning, automation, and other software services.


It will has two different applications one for the carriers (small fleet owners) where they are accessing the full truckload across India where loads are democratised irrespective of fleet size and historical records and the other for the shippers (traders, small medium enterprise and corporates) where there are booking unlimited trucks as per their requirement of truck type, lane, commodity, weight etc in real-time.


Trucknetic helps to reduce the wastage of miles without freight and increase the revenue of fleet owners per day/per truck and on the other hand, reduce the cost for the shipper and ultimately aligning itself and moving towards the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that is Net-zero by 2070.


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