True Team Spirit

By Jagdish Rout
Man is a social animal. A human being leading a life of isolation or being a recluse (loner) is deemed to be either an angel or a lunatic (mad man) individual. Thus, living in a community or a society is unavoidable on the part of a person. Here too, like living in a family hassle-free, needs a true team spirit.
Team spirit has its own set of rules and behaviours. As “adjustment is the best policy”, one has to abide by the set of rules and try to fit in or prove oneself odd-man-out. If we aspire to work effectively as a team, coherence should to be maintained.
While solving problems and making decisions, the team members ought to be in agreement with each other. It is true that “doctors differ”. But, even at a crucial juncture of surgery or treatment, the varying doctors toil hard for putting in their brains together for the sake of the critical patient’s recovery and safety.
Here the goal is one. Similarly in the playground, the team spirit among the players of a team works wonder.
Victory or defeat depends on the team spirit. If at all there is a defeat after a neck-a-neck or good fight, the losers also share the same credit like the victors as the spectators shower praises and accolades for the team spirit.
Sitting together in a bid to know the pros and cons and then pursue the course of action can make the team closer to achieving the goal targeting the bull eye. We should always try to treat each of our team members or colleagues with respect.
It is only possible when we are not cynic or sceptic and are instead of a constructive mentality.
Rules and regulations are made for the general benefit. If violated by any one, it results in either the violator’s harm or creating a chaotic situation for fellow team members.
Simply obeying the rules and regulations like a slave is also like flouting the great virtues of liberty, equality and fraternity. Each team member should be given the freedom of expression, may it be acceptable or unacceptable, feasible or infeasible.
A healthy debate eying on the objective of the team could be more effective. A virtuous criticism for improvement can be exchanged, but never-nevera heated argument that could play spoilsport.
While making statements they need to be to the point and the queries should also be valid and authentic. Then only the session becomes brainstorming and serves the purpose of drawing to a definite and productive conclusion.
Even though “All is well that ends well” by hook or by crook and hence, “End justifies the means”, “Means justifies the end” for better results and marking an indelible credibility of the team as well as the organisation it represents.