Truman State University, US, Records Record High Applications from Indian students for Spring 2022

- Indian Student Admissions Quadruple for University - Record Overall Spring 2022 Applications Spurred by Record Applicants from India



New Delhi : Truman State University has experienced a four-fold increase in both applications and admissions from India students for the spring 2022 semester. Spurred in large part by the response from students from India, the university is experiencing a record doubling of international student applications and admissions.


“The sentiments are very positive amongst parents and students and the interest is strong,” said Tim Urbonya, Executive Director of International Education at Truman. “With the opening of borders, we are receiving a good number of inquiries every day.


“Our focus is concentrated on recruitment now, keeping in mind all safety measures and the interest of students,” he said. “However, it is going to take time before we see the corresponding enrollments we would have expected pre-COVID.” Urbonya said COVID-related visa and travel challenges persist but that he expects the situation to gradually improve.


According to the university, it is gaining momentum in South Asia and moving to embrace the need of the hour in discerning the way forward in the post-COVID era.


“We’re striving to understand the emerging needs of the 21st century,” Urbonya said. “We are making continuous efforts to offer world-class education, with a new generation of career programmes in subjects like data science, environmental science, communications, athletic training, music therapy, etc. We’re boosting our online offerings and improving learning methodologies like multi-dimensional approach and experiential learning, with comfortable digital learning platforms.”


Truman has been working to offer premium quality tertiary education and career opportunities for those aspiring for international education. The university has a good understanding of the demand for specific fields of study in the new normal and offers relevant courses in areas such as computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, mathematics, business studies, accountancy and many more.


The university’s longstanding commitment to academic excellence has nurtured a culture of learning that has earned it U.S. News & World Report’s top ranking among public universities in the Midwest of the United States for 25 consecutive years.