TSU is supplying wall-penetrating radars to China

TSU radiophysicists have begun deliveries of Radiovision tomographs to China. The first of these devices that can see through walls and find people under concrete rubble in emergencies have already been delivered to customers.

The transfer of equipment is carried out under a trilateral agreement between the TSU small innovative enterprise Radiovision and two Chinese companies, TusCI Technology Co. Ltd and Smart Sea Ltd.

The Radiovision M400 determines the location and trajectory of people and analyzes their movement and even breathing using radio waves. The device provides tactical advantages during rescue operations, so it can be used to eliminate the threat of terrorism, release hostages, and search for people under rubble. At 4 kg and 49x20x15 cm, the radar can see through walls from up to 30 meters. It was this that interested companies from China.

– We plan to continue collaboration with Chinese partners and establish joint serial production. At the same time, Radiovision M400 is not our only development in radiowave tomography. Now we are working on the creation of a radiowave inspection system. Such developments are relevant in crowded places – airports, subways, and checkpoints of large enterprises, because they detect hidden objects under a person’s clothes, says Rail Satarov, director of the Radiovision enterprise.


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