TSU scientists made a film dedicated to the Ketsky stockade

TSU Bio-Geo-Сlim Laboratory staff, studying the characteristics of soils and the landscape of Siberia, and the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of Siberia named after V.M. Florinsky, have made a film dedicated to the Ketsky stockade. The stockade was established in Siberia at the beginning of the 17th century and changed location several times. The researchers have devoted several field seasons to finding these locations. They show about the results of the expeditions in the film “Ketsky Stockade” about this unique biosocial complex in the middle of the Siberian taiga.

– Two field seasons did not bring the desired results, – says Evgeny Barsukov, a staff member at the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of Siberia. – In one of the seasons we managed to find a cultural layer that dates back to the 17th century. So far, exploration work has been carried out. We are planning more extensive research from next year. This will help to understand what part of the prison or its settlement we managed to find.
According to the researchers, with their film, they wanted to draw the attention of students and all Siberians to a unique monument of Russian history, located in a remote taiga in the Ket River basin.

– The people who founded the stockade and lived there made a huge contribution to the entry of Siberia into Russia, – says Sergei Loiko, a leading researcher at the TSU Bio-Geo-Clim laboratory. -They, being farmers, learned to adapt to the harsh conditions of the Narym Region, creating very fertile soils and getting a harvest. It was a labor feat of our ancestors. It is important to reconstruct the past so that Siberians know their history.

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