TU Delft: Olympic Games update: four medals for our elite athletes

Our elite athletes have performed magnificently, winning no fewer than four medals in total! Roos de Jong (rowing) and Annete Duetz (sailing) both won bronze and Stef Broenink (rowing) and Ellen Hogerwerg (rowing) won silver. The other elite athletes can also be proud of their results. Laila Youssifou (rowing) came in sixth, Victoria Pelova (football) played three matches in which she scored two goals, and Justen Blok (hockey) was included as a reserve player but he did get his playing minutes after all.

For all seven TU Delft elite athletes, their Olympic adventure has come to an end. Hopefully they will look back on the Olympics with pride. In any case, we do! And for those who will now be resuming their studies: we wish them all the best with that too.

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