Turbostart Founders discuss how their start-ups thrived during economy slowdown through support with customer access and mentorship

Bengaluru: Turbostart, a sector agnostic, pan-India programme which felicitates the top 25 start-ups in the country announced the launch of their second Cohort. The winners of its first Cohort not only secured funding but also had tailored growth programmes in place which included product and market validation, business model strategies with mentorship from industry stalwarts and customer/industry connects. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Turbostart has helped these diversified start-ups to accelerate their businesses into strong ventures along with adding value in terms of growth through continuous support and mentorship provided by the Turbostart’s Board of renowned specialists.


Doqfy, a legaltech startup and Pichain Innovations, a Regtech startup bring cutting edge solutions to enterprises, financial institutes and are ready to deep dive into the market and conquer their market positioning. Doqfy is an online platform that provides legal ancillary services, and empowers users to create and customize their crucial legal documents saving more than 200 person days of manpower per customer per month with 80% improved turnaround time. Customers can use Doqfy’s platform to create automated contracts and agreements integrated with eStamping, eSigning, Franking and Notarial services. The platform offers easy accessibility to more than 1200 customisable templates that clients choose from at affordable prices. Turbostart’s Advisory Board has supported and assisted Doqfy in building strategy, analysing and targeting the go-to-market, helped in building the organisational and advisory board structural framework, digital marketing, tech roadmap validation, brand positioning, and UI/UX.


Pichain Innovations is an ISO-certified Regtech platform providing automated AML (Anti-money Laundering) compliance solutions, KYB (Know Your Business) solutions and FATCA/CRS (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act/Common Reporting Standard) solutions for banks, financial institutes and fintechs by leveraging the combined strengths of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain technology. They research and develop deeptech systems that can proactively work with compliance and regulatory professionals to make better decisions along with assurance of 93% reduction in false positives. Pichain has witnessed growth in revenue since Turbostart started supporting them with business strategy and modeling.


Talking about the startup success journey, Ganesh Raju, Founder & CEO, Turbostart said, ”Post the success of Cohort I, we are overwhelmed to share the entrepreneurial journey of the early startups amid the slowdown caused by the pandemic and celebrate their success. We also encourage start-ups to participate in the upcoming edition and upscale their business with Turbostart’s guidance. We are here to help start-ups that aim to grow their business and gain market visibility with capital facilitation; and offer 360 degree guidance to achieve the milestones in their business. We have decided to launch Cohort II amid the pandemic and shall continue to support Cohort I founders with scalability and industry support.”


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