Tutors & Coaching Institutes in Chennai Go Digital and Launch Personal Online Classes

Adoption of Winuall, an Online Education Platform that Digitises Coaching Institutes, Soars in Chennai Winuall to onboard 100K tutors and 1 million students across Tamil Nadu in 6 months

Chennai : Winuall, an online education platform that helps educators and coaching institutes go digital, is rapidly expanding in Chennai. Over 3400 coaching institutes and 10K tutors in the city have partnered with Winuall to open their own personal brand online. Chennai is one the fastest growing markets for Winuall and the platform is currently helping more than 10,000 tutors in the city to support a hybrid environment of teaching/learning. The entire platform is available in Tamil for the tutors & students and the company is planning to add more than 100K tutors and serve more than 1 million students across Tamil Nadu in the next 6 months.

Winuall is helping more than 120k coaching institutes and individual tutors across India to teach online, conduct quizzes, solve doubts, and sell their courses on their own branded app. Founded by Ashwini Purohit & Saurabh Vyas, WinUall aims to democratise technology infrastructure for offline small and medium coaching institutes and individual tutors and digitise the whole learning experience for students with online study material, assessments and live classes. Since the pandemic, the company has seen a massive increase in live class hours and over 1.2 Billion minutes of learning has been delivered on Winuall’s platform.

The company has seen a massive increase in live class hours and over 90M minutes of learning has been delivered on Winuall’s platform in Tamil Nadu. Winuall offers a SaaS plug and play platform on a subscription model for coaching institutes & tutors to become fully digitized and help them manage day-to-day activities like taking live classes, quizzes, doubt sessions and also finances. With the help of it’s platform, Winuall Create, tutors can now create and sell courses online on their own, personal branded store. The end to end online store provides complete freedom to a tutor/institute to customise the courses they offer and helps them grow their earnings. In its beta, the platform already has over 15,000 courses being offered, ranging from competitive exams like IITJEE, NEET, UPSC, Bank PO, SSC, upskilling courses like coding, data science, certification courses to personality development courses like baking, music, and photography.

The startup also provides tutors with high-quality marketing tools which will help them reach potential students and help in building their own brand. The tutor has the independence to set prices, give discounts, run campaigns on social media to reach a wider audience and upsell their existing students. Educators can also plan an automatic action plan for students who have bought or showed interest in the course by sending an auto-generated SMS, notifications, and much more. The company improves learning experience by leveraging AI to understand student learning patterns and accordingly suggests the best possible path for tutors. It also provides detailed analysis to tutors and suggests ways to better engage students.The platform also has a unique drag & drop feature with intuitive design that makes it very easy to create courses, even for someone who is not tech savvy.

Ashwini Purohit, CEO, Winuall “We are witnessing a huge inbound demand coming from Chennai and it is now growing faster every month! Coaching institutes and tutors here are keen to adopt new technologies and are focused on digitising and improving the whole learning experience for students. As per our estimate, there are over 25K+ coaching institutes/tutors in Chennai who will immediately benefit from Winuall. Our platform is entirely available for tutors in Tamil and we want to empower the tutors & coaching institutes to remain independent by building and retaining their own brand name through our platform and have designed the entire solution for easy adoption by tutors.”

Heera. Founder, Hrs Education Pvt Ltd
“Ever since I started using Winuall, it has been a big support for me to conduct my classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Winuall I was able to conduct classes online and continue my coaching institute when physical classes were closed. I can collect fees, market my coaching institute online and inter sell/cross sell my courses which helps in growing my coaching institute. Thanks to Winuall, I have been able to grow my coaching business online with my app and website.”


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