TV-bridge “Russia-Kazakhstan”: PetrSU and ENU them. L.N. Gumilyov

The resource center of modern methods of teaching foreign languages ​​of PetrSU again merged with the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Faculty of International Relations of ENU (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan) to expand the foreign language environment and train competitive specialists of the future. The staff of the resource center I.E. Abramova and A.V. Ananyin and Dean of the Faculty of International Relations of the Eurasian National University A.M. Esengaliyev organized a Russia-Kazakhstan teleconference on the theme “Mediation as an effective tool for resolving international conflicts.”
The event was attended by 25 second-year students of the field of study “International Relations” from two universities. Future international experts discussed the problem of the conflict potential of the modern global world and the phenomenon of mass protests as one of the reactions to the changing geopolitical context, as well as possible ways to counter radical and extremist sentiments.

The held teleconference became the next stage of interaction between PetrSU and ENU, which began last year. For PetrSU, which is one of the pivotal universities in Russia, cooperation with one of the leading classical universities in Kazakhstan opens up new opportunities and prospects for the development of inter-academic communication against the background of new challenges associated with the difficult epidemiological situation in Russia and the world.

All participants and organizers highly appreciated the willingness of both parties to communicate, noted the friendly and open atmosphere during communication and expressed their willingness to hold such events on a regular basis. During the next teleconference, tentatively titled “Diplomacyinthe ModernWorld”, it is planned to discuss the features and trends in the development of modern diplomacy.