Twitter suspends account of Chinese Embassy in Colombo

Twitter has suspended the account of the Chinese Embassy in Colombo, few days after it had responded strongly to some allegations against China. The unverified Twitter handle had been used to post s regarding certain activities involving China. Recently, the embassy on its Twitter handle had responded in a harsh tone to social media users who raised accusations against China on its handling of COVID19 situation. The embassy had also sent a strong reply to a leading Colombo daily on its coverage over COVID crisis and linking China to it. The embassy through its twitter handle had also announced lighting of lotus tower, which under Sri Lankan control now. The tweet had invited few adverse comments which were strongly replied by the embassy. Embassy spokesman Liu Dong said Twitter is yet to notify the Embassy regarding the reason for its suspension. The spokesman said they have already applied to unlock the account terming the action as double standards. He said there is so-called freedom of media, but they suspend and lock any account that is not on their agenda.