Two collaborative research centers with RWTH participation will continue to be funded by the DFG

The Approval Committee of the German Research Foundation (DFG) voted to extend 25 Collaborative Research Centers by a further funding period each, including ten Collaborative Research Centers / Transregio. RWTH Aachen University is involved in two of these special research areas / Transregio (SFB / TRR).

Funding for the SFB / TRR “Damage-Controlled Forming Processes” was extended. From January 2021, the speaker will be Professor Gerhard Hirt from the RWTH Institute for Plastic Design. The Technical University of Dortmund was a co-applicant.

The SFB / TRR “Symbolic tools in mathematics and their application” will also be funded for another four years. It was applied for by the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, the University of Saarland and the RWTH Aachen. In the second funding phase, Professor Ghislain Fourier from the RWTH Chair for Algebra and Representation Theory will be the spokesperson for the Aachen location.

Collaborative research areas enable the processing of innovative, demanding and long-term research projects in a network. They are intended to serve as a focus and structure at the applicant universities.