Two teachers suspended for wrong question in High School examination

Bhopal : In a question of ‘join the pair’ in the India’s map in the Social science question paper of the High School examination 2020 in the state, there is a mention of independent Kashmir which is anomalous and objectionable. Commissioner Public Instructions Smt. Jaishree Kiyawat has suspended Lecturer Shri Nitin Singh Jat and Shri Rajnish Jain for this serious negligence. Disciplinary action has been proposed against the duo.

Lecturer Shri Nitin Singh Jat of Government Higher Secondary School of Excellence, Raisen was the paper setter of this question paper and Shri Rajnish Jain of Government Girls Higher Secondary School of Excellence, Tendukheda Narsinghpur was the moderator.

The Board of Secondary Education has cancelled both the questions and the evaluation of the question paper will be done with 90 marks. Evaluation officers have been given separate instructions in this regard.

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