U-Dictionary Now Supports Sentence Translation Inside Any App, Works Offline for 12 Indian Languages


Bangalore: NetEase, the world’s Top 3 Highest Grossing Mobile Publisher, recently announced that its U-Dictionary app is introducing improved features for Indian languages. After introducing Tap to translate for words in any app for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other 9 languages last month, the best self-improvement app has now extended its tap to translate feature from word to sentences. The app has also extended its new translation technique’s support to auto detect the input between your native language & English and can translate both ways now.

Additionally, it has announced that the U-Dictionary app provides smallest package size butusers running low on space can just add to favourites, udictionary.com in their mobile browser.

The new update for U-Dictionary encourages users to become well versed in English just by spending few minutes in the app. According to the company, the app beats the competition hands down as it provides fastest access & most comprehensive translation for any situation: In-Any-App, In-Notification Area or In-App. While Tap to Translate feature allows users fastest translation in any other app, equally impressive is the Quick Translate feature that enables user to query definitions speedily after just pulling down the notification bar!

Further, U-Dictionary is an Offline First App, so it works great Offline in all the above fast access situations with support for key features. The offline packages work without net for 38 Languages around the world and 12 Indian languages which include Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam and Kannada. U-Dictionary provides definitions to users from the most authoritative English learning sources, without using data. British & American accent Pronunciation, Collins Advanced Learners Dictionary, Word Net Dictionary by prestigious Princeton University in US & Sample Sentences from reputed news sources such as BBC are all available for a small Offline download. When the users come back online, they can take advantage of daily learning resources such as Quiz, Self-Improvement articles and Daily Vocabulary.

“Today, in India more than 400 million people are online but a vast majority of 234 million Indians online don’t know English. Further, despite having the Second highest number of English speakers in the world, after US, only 12 % Indians speak English while more than a third speak English in our neighbouring countries (such as Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka). With our latest launches, we are taking a huge step forward to solve the needs of a Billion Indians who aspire to speak English” says Kshitij Kumar Parashar, Head of South Asia Marketing for U-Dictionary.

NetEase introduced exhaustive definitions from state-of-the-art data mining to U-Dictionary app last year and claims that the technique enables users to understand the definitions “very easily and quickly”.