UBA has improved its position in the Global Ranking of Universities, consolidating its regional leadership

The University of Buenos Aires has consolidated as the best Ibero-American University for the fourth running year, which reflects a sustained growth within the global elite for the last five years. It is the only public Institution of Higher Education that has received this mention, making it the best Spanish speaking university in the world.

UBA has improved its position in the Global Ranking of Universities, consolidating its regional leadershipConsidering that in 2014, UBA held the 209th position and that the process of internationalization was one of the objectives established and promoted by Prof. Dr. Alberto Barbieri at the beginning of his administration as a Rector, UBA has succeeded in climbing to its current 73rd position, without any negative trends in its growth.
This reflects an increase of 136 positions since 2014, with a prevailing spirit of leadership at a regional level together with benchmark Institutions such as Universidad Autónoma de México and Universidad de Sao Paulo, which also show improvements compared to the previous year, ranking 113 and 118 correspondingly.
Considering there are 26.000 Universities in the world, the current position implies that UBA falls within the 1% of the global elite. Additionally, considering the 1000 universities comprised in the ranking, UBA is within the 8% top institutions, according to QS Rankings. In this regard, Alberto Barbieri claims “the most important thing, beyond the position occupied, is to think medium term: UBA is still within the 1% of the elite Universities and the number one in Argentina”
In the framework of the debate about the quality of education in general, and of public education in particular, Rector Alberto Barbieri has consolidated an educational policy based on three pillars: the inclusion of new technologies in the teaching – learning process, the strengthening of research skills and the international development of the University.

In the Ibero-American level, there is also evidence of an excellent performance of Institutions of Higher Education such as Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (178th), Universidad de Barcelona (166th), Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (193rd), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (159th) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (206th).

Qs Ranking evaluates the most outstanding and influential disciplinary fields of Higher Education around the world, with the objective of providing a detailed report to the academic community of each University. Compiled on an annual basis, it is based on for pillars: research, teaching quality, business reputation and internationalization. To such end, the analysis relies on six indicators: academic reputation, reputation among business people, student ratio per faculty, quotes per Academic Unit and the rate of international Faculty and students.

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