UBICAST, France launches unique edutech platform in India

Indian Video Collaboration Specialist to host and run UbiCast Rich Media Platform


Madurai : UbiCast, France announced on August 2nd that it is offering its rich media solutions in India through an exclusive and strategic partnership with A&T Video Networks Pvt. Ltd. The UbiCast platform, hosted in a secure data center in India, was launched on 13th August 2021.
After close to 15 years of successful deployments in Europe, UbiCast has now turned its eye towards the large Indian education market. The company’s platform allows educational institutions and enterprise learning & development centers to create interactive, social learning videos.
With a vast array of features, the UbiCast system can be customized for each institute and personalized by students. The software can even be made available in local Indian languages. Once deployed, the system allows teachers and lecturers to record their live classes and host them on the secure platform. The UbiCast system automatically adds keywords to ensure that students can easily search for and see these videos. Teachers can add interactive polls, quizzes and comments to make the videos more interactive.

Ashwin Desai, Managing Director at A&T Video explains: “The partnership with UbiCast comes at a time when educational institutions are reinventing the way they engage with students. We have been providing lecture recording, streaming and digital library solutions to various educational institutions in India for the past 22 years. The exclusive, strategic partnership with UbiCast will enable us to offer world class rich media products. We believe that this partnership will help Indian educational institutions deploy high quality learning platforms that help teachers engage with students better, scholars to learn more effectively and overall performance of the institution to improve”

The A&T team has undergone specialized training that certifies them to design, customize, deploy and support installations anywhere in India. “This will be a special advantage since all services required to ensure the system is used effectively are available in India” said Sathya Kumar – Chief Solution Architect at A&T. The company plans to provide end-to-end services including hardware and software integration.

International Sales Director of UbiCast, Mr. David Manrique comments: “UbiCast’s goal of bringing our tools across the globe will be made a lot easier with this new partnership with A&T. We are very proud to have a partner like A&T, providing expertise, market understanding and support in this new venture which after months of preparation, discussions and agreements came to fruit today.
We will now be able to confidently service the Indian market together as trusted partners for years to come.”

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