UC students may take courses from G9 Network universities

The project allows regular students from the institutions that make up the network to access a subject during the first semester 2021, at another university of the same group. The entire range of subjects is available at www.movilidadg9.cl and applications will be open from January 11 to 20.

The Network of Non-State Public Universities (G9) has agreed to develop the Virtual Student Mobility Project , which will allow UC students to take a subject at another institution in the same group. The objective of the project is to offer new training opportunities for undergraduate students, considering that in all of them training during the next semester will be mainly at distance.

There will be 14 total vacancies for UC undergraduate students, which will be distributed in an offer of eight courses taught by the Universidad Católica del Norte , Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María , Universidad Católica del Maule , Universidad de Concepción, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción , Universidad Católica de Temuco and Universidad Austral de Chile .
Each institution will offer up to a maximum of three vacancies for UC students (in some cases one vacancy) in a subject already established for the agreement. Those who are in regular condition and who study from the third semester of their career onwards may apply. Exceptionally, the course taught by the Universidad Católica del Maule is preferably aimed at third-year students (or higher) in their career.

The application mechanism will be through a form that was sent via email to all students who meet the career advancement requirement. The deadline to send the application is next January 20, and the criteria for assigning places will be by academic priority in case the applications exceed the number of available places.

The course offer for this first semester of 2021 is:

Origins: The History of Earth Formation (UCN)
Computational Thinking (USM)
Citizen training (PUCV)
Philosophy: What for? (UC)
Social networks and digital culture (UCM)
Sculpture from modernity to our time (UdeC)
Social Outbreak 18-O: Structural and Experiential Issues (UCSC)
Film and video of native peoples (UC Temuco)
Self-care and active life (UACh)
All the information in www.movilidadg9.cl

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