UCWeb: UC Millionaire Quiz increases the jackpot amount up to 3 lakh INR for each round

Agra: UCWeb today announced that the jackpot of UC Millionaire Quiz on the content aggregator app UC News will be increased to a higher amount ranging from Rs. 1.5 lakhs to R.s 3 lakhs for each round between February 1st and 4th. As the online quiz which celebrates knowledge, UC Millionaire Quiz has witnessed an average of 18.85% growth of participants each day since launched on January 20th. It has also witnessed Kaharwar Sugam, one of the first round winners, topping the winner’s list after winning 7 successive rounds. To further encourage users to consume and make good use of information and knowledge, UC Millionaire Quiz will be also available on UC Browser beginning today.

“The quiz is announced to give thousands of users, across the country, a chance to become a millionaire. It’s an interesting game with multiple rounds and questions from different walks of life. The online quiz is an attempt to empower many people to use their talent and knowledge in order to achieve bigger goals in life. It is a delight to see Kaharwar winning a sum of Rs. 12,057.34 and using it for his further studies and better future. We aim to empower many more people to get a chance to win and positively impact their lives,” said Young Lee, Head of UC News, International Business Department, UCWeb, Alibaba Mobile Business Group.

Kaharwar Sugam, the top winner so far, is a student from a mostly undereducated village near Agra. In the very first round on the early afternoon of January 20th, when UC Millionaire Quiz was just launched, he won Rs. 11,111.11 along with 8 other winners. After the first victory, he continued to play the quiz in the next few days, whenever he had a working internet in a nearby village. He managed to win all the rounds he participated in, sharing the prize money of up to Rs. 50,000 on weekdays per round and Rs. 100,000 on weekends per round with other winners. As it happens, his preparation for the Indian Police Service (IPS) examination helped him through the quiz.

On winning the prize money, Kaharwar Sugam told UC News enthusiastically, “It was the greatest day of my life when I won the money. I will use part of the money for my college education and save the remainder for future.” He also mentioned that he has been accumulating knowledge in preparation for his IPS exams, thanks to his teacher’s coaching, and he applied this knowledge to the quiz. The seamless user experience, the attractive prize money, and the familiarity and fun of the questions in the quiz kept him interested in the quiz from the first round onwards.