Udacity’s Foundation Nanodegree Programs enable non-techies to upgrade skills & access new career paths


New Delhi: Udacity, the global lifelong learning platform, is making cutting-edge opportunities in exciting fields of applied technology accessible to everyone through a series of Foundation Nanodegree Programs. These Programs, especially designed for the Indian audiences, enable working professionals and freshers with or without a technical background to gain a fundamental understanding of emerging technologies. Udacity’s Foundation Nanodegree Programs – in Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and IoT Software – will help Indian professionals access the best opportunities of the future.

The rapid entry of these technologies into the global market is poised to create a large number of promising future-ready jobs of tomorrow. These new careers will play an important role in implementing and adapting these technologies in various industries, and hold the promise of providing those who take them up with challenging and fulfilling jobs that didn’t even exist before. Udacity’s Foundation Nanodegree programs will help Indian professionals take their first steps towards Udacity’s advanced Nanodegree Programs, which in turn would help them make a career transition in these emerging technical fields.

Commenting on these recent developments, Ishan Gupta, Managing Director – India, Udacity India, said, “While around 15 million of young professionals are entering the job market annually, only about 25% of them are job-ready or have required skill-sets. India’s unrivalled pool of talented individuals should not be excluded from the new wave of opportunities in the technology sector. The launch of our Foundation Nanodegree Programs is another step towards democratizing technology education in India, and empowering the youth with skills required to get into the jobs of tomorrow.”

As world-changing new technologies continue to emerge and develop, Udacity’s mission to deliver the best learning experience has led to an expansion of its portfolio of programs, and provided access to key learning assets such as the KUKA Udacity Robotics Lab and Udacity Universe simulated environment to enhance learning outcomes for its cutting-edge Nanodegree programs. With the launch of its Foundation Nanodegree Programs, it will open up the world of high-end technology education to millions of more Indians, helping them with better access to the wonderful opportunities of the job market of tomorrow.