Udemy Announces the Top 10 Trending Skills for 2020


India ranked 2nd among 20 countries learning popular tech skills in 2020
New Delhi: Udemy, the largest global marketplace for learning and teaching online with nearly 5 million learners in India, has announced its top 10 trending skills in India. This list has been compiled based on the skills with the highest rank change since 2016 and anticipated continued growth through 2020.

According to the Infographic report, India ranks 2nd among the top 20 countries learning popular tech skills. People opting to learn on their mobile phones has increased by 105% in India since last year as compared to 59% globally. People who learn on their desktop have increased by 45% in India compared to 41% globally.

Irwin Anand, MD, Udemy India, said, “The rapidly changing workplace has made acquiring new skills more important than ever and the key is to figure out what future skills our workforce will require to stay relevant. With millions of learners and thousands of corporate customers on the Udemy platform, every year we are able to showcase the top 10 trending skills globally to help everyone make informed choices and keep up to speed.”

Top 10 skills that grew in popularity 2016-2019 in India include:

1. IT Security

2. IP Addressing

3. OrientDB (Graph Database)

4. WCF (Windows Framework)

5. Twitter Marketing


7. XML

8. Mobile App Business

9. Flux (Web Development)

10. Eclipse IDE

Top 10 emerging tech skills in India 2020:

1. Pegasystems Certification

2. AWS Certified Big Data

3. Microsoft Azure Architecture

4. Java Development Kit

5. NestJS

6. Android Jetpack

7. SwiftUI (Apple Apps)

8. MicroPython

9. VMware Certified Professional

10. ESP32 (Internet of Things)