Ugam, a Merkle company partners with top colleges in India to accelerate the ‘Campus to Corporate’ journey

Mumbai: Ugam, a leading analytics and technology services company, and part of Merkle, partners with SIES College of Management Studies and KGiSL Institute of Technology to accelerate the ‘Campus to Corporate’ journey. Ugam will offer students from these colleges an industry focused market & consumer insights course, followed by hands-on internship experience.

This partnership is aimed at getting students work-ready by bridging the gap between campus curriculum and industry needs. Students specializing in Management Studies, Technology, and Engineering will be coached on Project Management and Online Programming & Quality Assurance to drive better consumer insights. They will be mentored by experienced Ugamites to solve business problems and gain first-hand industry experience. Top performing students will also be given the opportunity to join Ugam as a Management Trainee.

Dr. Ashok Bakthavathsalam, Founder and Managing Director, KGiSL Group, said, “We are privileged, excited and grateful for our long-standing partnership with Ugam and their investment in our students. Understanding of market & consumer insights can help our students stando in the job market. I’m glad we were able to provide this opportunity to our students.”

Dr. Parag Amin, Dean of SIES College, said, “Our goal has always been to support maximum learning opportunities for our students. We are thankful to Ugam for being a dedicated partner for years. I believe some of the skills they will learn can prove useful, irrespective of their career paths. We are delighted to be able to deliver this exciting learning opportunity to our students.”

Sunil Mirani, Co-Founder and CEO of Ugam, said, “Ugam is committed to investing in aspiring analysts, data scientists and programmers. Our expertise in connecting behavioural data, transactional data and open data, offers students a unique learning experience. The guidance they receive from our seasoned mentors, and experience working within multidisciplinary teams will be a great foundation for their careers. They will gain experience in solving real-life business problems, adopting best practices, and working with cutting-edge tools and technologies.”

Recently, Ugam announced plans to hire over 1000 fresh graduates from top colleges in India. Towards this, Ugam is visiting 75+ leading higher education institutes to interview final year students specializing in Engineering, Statistics, Economics, and Management studies.

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