UGC SAP DRS-II: Seminar cum Workshop


Aligarh : Several sessions in the ongoing two week UGC SAP DRS-II seminar cum workshop on Translation Studies were held in the Department of English, AMU.

As part of the workshop, in the seventh session, Dr Darakshan Zafar and Ms Rabeya (Department of English) gave a presentation and shared their English translation of ‘Aadhi Seediyan’, a short story in Urdu by Professor Tariq Chhatari and Dr Sunij Kumar Sharma (Department of English) shared his translation of ‘Taj Ki Chhaya Mein’, a Hindi short story by Sachchidananda Hirananda Vatsyayan Ajneya. Renowned translation expert Prof Mohd Asaduddin (Jamia Millia Islamia) delivered the session. Prof Shaheena Tarannum (Department of English), Chair of the session, appreciated the efforts of the translators and boosted the students to be involved in more such translation works. The session was conducted by Miss Bushra Miftah, Research Scholar.

In the eighth session of this series was chaired by Prof Vibha Sharma ,Department of English. In this session, Prof Arjumand Ara (renowned translator from department of Urdu, Delhi University) delivered a seminar on ‘My Experiences as a Translator’. The Resource Person also talked about her considerations while selecting a text to translate, and recounted experiences of translating texts like ‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy’, Findings, Keepings: Life, Communism, and Everything by Ralph Russell, among others. Abdullah Nouman and Mohd Adeel Alam (research scholars), presented their translations of the Hindi short story Binda by Mahadevi Verma into English. They discussed their choices and challenges in translating. Prof Ara responded to the translators’ queries and suggested strategies to address the challenges. Ms Zainab Fatima, Research Scholar, conducted the session.

The ninth session of this series was delivered Prof Sami Rafiq (Department of English), on “Translation and Travel Writing”. She gave an elaborate seminar on travel writing which can serve as a form of translation of culture. She elaborated this by exemplifying the work of Atia Faizi. She gave insightful responses to all the questions from the attendees. Miss Aunisa Botoul Sofi, Research Scholar, in her presentation shared her english translation of Prof Haroon Khan Sherwani’s urdu work, “Syed Ahmad Khan aur Hindu-Muslim Itehad”. Prof MS Pandey (Department of English, Banaras Hindu University), who chaired the session, shared comments and suggestions about the translation done by Miss Aunisa. The session was conducted by Mohd Adeel Alam, Research Scholar.

Prof Mohd Rizwan Khan, Coordinator, UGC SAP DRS-II initiated all the sessions and in concluding remarks praised the efforts of the students who have been actively participated in translation and motivated all the research scholars to come forward and acquire translation skills

Research scholars and teachers are attending the sessions in big numbers from across the country. Prof Jahangeer Warsi, Dr Pallav Vishnu, Prof Abdul Alim, Prof Shahul Majeed, Prof Iffat Asghar, Prof Asif Shuja, Dr Raghib Ghauhar, Dr Yahyia Ibrahim, Dr Ahmed Badr, Dr Raihan Raza, along with others were present.