UK-based World Book of Records recognises GSF schools as World’s Most Awarded Network of Schools

Pune:  The UK-based World Book of Records, which ratifies special world records achieved by individuals and organisations, has announced that it recognises Global School Foundation (GSF) as the World’s Most Awarded Network of Schools.


The announcement comes fresh on the heels of another stupendous GSF achievement of crossing a milestone of 235 national and international excellence awards from various international Quality Organisations.


“This effectively means that now in terms of education excellence, GSF schools are the best in the world and have been recognised at number 1 position amongst all schools in the world,” said Mr Rajeev Katyal, Dy COO of GSF. “It is a valuable validation of the best practices we have introduced in all areas of education to reinforce essential benefits for all stakeholders.”


GSF schools took inspiration from some of the world’s leading organisations, and adopted Education Excellence as a daily mantra, to benefit thousands of students across 23 campuses in 8 countries. The awards by the school were achieved due to the learning outcomes of students – which were a result of the academic processes, systems, workflows and best practices consistently adapted into the system.


“GSF kept on adopting better processes and systems, through higher and higher standards of implementation, which led to great outcomes for our students,” Mr Katyal said.


Several education excellence frameworks have been established by eminent bodies over the years. Renowned among these are the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework initiated by the Baldrige Foundation – USA; the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model; Institute of Directors (IOD) excellence standards, Asia Pacfic Quality Organization’s Performance Excellence and Business Excellence Model by Enterprise Singapore.


GSF schools have been benchmarking its campuses and excellence standards on benchmarks and frameworks set by these bodies. In return, the quality organisations get assessments done by third-party quality assurance professionals, and base their awards on a strict evaluation criteria. Based on these evaluations, GSF has been the recipient of 250 awards at national and international levels in different categories like innovation, best practices, Green initiatives, Performance excellence, Business excellence and others in its 20 years of establishment.


The awards include coveted recognitions from Asia-Pacific Quality Organisation, Enterprise Singapore, Institute of Directors, IMCRB National Quality Awards, CII, to name a few. The World Book of Records has recognised these awards as legitimate, when announcing the record.


“While excellence is not something that a student can visibly see or physically point to, it is all about creating the finest engagement, between teachers and students,” said Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman of Global Schools Foundation. “It is also about ensuring that an adaptive & customizable approach to learning is made available to every student that matches their learning abilities. I am thrilled that all our years of hard work and dedication have been recognised and given a stamp of approval,” he said.


Reacting to the record number of awards, Associate Director of GSF’s excellence department Mr Rathin Khandhadia said that hitting the World Record reaffirms the Foundation’s position as a leading education provider in the global learning scape. “This only reiterates how effectively GSF has met learner, business, and organisational expectations.”


GSF schools commenced their institutional excellence journey in 2008 with the sole intention of developing, enhancing and improving campus processes and designing roadmaps for overall success of the students. It’s objective is to undertake the ever-evolving enhancement of all academic and non-academic processes within its schools. For the past 2 decades, GSF schools have focussed on hard to monitor processes, use data analytics for past and predictive analysis through its proprietary EdTech platform, and improve the quality of learning for students.