UK: Government Science and Engineering (GSE): a profession where STEM talent is nurtured and celebrated

The Government Science and Engineering profession refreshed the Diversity and Inclusion Action Group (DIAG) in June last year.

The GSE profession refreshed the Diversity and Inclusion Action Group (DIAG) in June last year. DIAG aims to bring together diverse members from various organisations across the profession to work together and support the GSE Profession Strategy to deliver excellence in science and engineering. The group is committed to championing equity and inclusion amongst the thousands of scientists and engineers that make up the profession’s diverse workforce. The group recognises the contribution made by scientists and engineers who have been working incredibly hard to provide essential services in response to the pandemic. It is important for us to thank our colleagues and acknowledge their dedication to the benefit of us all in society.

Last year, we listened to feedback from our members to gain insight into the things that are important to them and what improvements we could make to increase diversity representation and their experience in the workplace. We built on these responses by way of action planning and proposing a series of interventions. Realising that we could achieve more in smaller groups we implemented focused sub groups to deliver discrete projects. We are action focused with volunteers from across government working together to share learning and we are determined to improve inclusion and diversity in all areas of GSE.

The collaboration, creativity, dedication and energy by all those assisting is greatly appreciated. The group has been working on a series of priorities focusing on celebrating and advocating for increased diversity and inclusion. Delivery of this has been by way of talks, colleagues sharing their experiences by role modelling, feature blogs, events and recognising individual contributions to GSE via the GSE Inspirational science and engineering awards.

Moving forward we will continue to work on the key interventions members helped identify in the focus groups. This includes reviewing the mentoring pilot scheme and continuing to advocate for diversity and inclusion in all areas of GSE.

We achieve much more working together in multidisciplinary and diverse teams. We are committed to continue to help build the GSE workforce where a vast range of talents are nurtured and celebrated. I am proud of working with you as a scientist and a Civil Servant. It is a privilege to work with so many skilled individuals delivering world class science and engineering.

By Vicki Chalker (Public Health England), Head of Science and Engineering Profession and Chair of GSE Diversity and inclusion Action Group


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