UK signs up to global coalition on sustainable food production

UK to join Sustainable Productivity Growth Coalition (SPG) to share knowledge of best practice on green agriculture and food production.

London: The UK has signed up to a global coalition which works to speed up the move towards more sustainable food production, Environment Secretary George Eustice announced today (Thursday 23 June).

He confirmed that the UK will join the Sustainable Productivity Growth Coalition (SPG) – an international group of countries, academic and research organisations and trade bodies that aims to improve agricultural productivity in an environmentally sustainable way.

The SPG Coalition was launched in 2021 at the United Nations’ Food Systems Summit and members include the USA, European Union, Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. It is also supported by a raft of academic institutions and trade bodies representing industries including grain, dairy and livestock from all over the world.

Members of the Coalition share with each other information about best practice, lessons learned and innovative evidence-based way to boost productivity in a sustainable way, and promote them at public events and on public platforms.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said:

I am pleased to announce today that the UK will join the Sustainable Productivity Growth Coalition convened by the United States. I look forward to working with our international partners in this dialogue on innovation, science and sustainable agriculture.