UK Special Envoy on LGBT rights sets out global LGBT+ conference ambitions

The Conference will focus on LGBT issues in three key areas: supporting decriminalisation and legislative reform to advance equality and legal protections for LGBT people, tackling violence and discrimination, and improving access to public services.

Across the world, nearly 70 countries still criminalise consensual same-sex acts. As current Co-Chair (with Argentina) of the Equal Rights Coalition and current Co-Chair (with Cyprus) of the European Focal Points Network the UK has a unique opportunity to mobilise efforts to protect LGBT people worldwide.

Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for LGBT Rights, NIck Herbert, said:
“I am excited by the potential of the Safe To Be Conference which will bring together governments, civil society organisations, businesses and parliamentarians to agree how we can work together to drive forward LGBT rights, especially in the countries where the need is greatest.

“This will be a major international event which will also coincide with the 50th anniversary of London Pride. I believe we are stronger when we stand together, and that the UK has a powerful opportunity to act as a global force for good and help to improve the lives of LGBT people worldwide.”

The meeting was also attended by representatives from the Equal Rights Coalition and a number of key stakeholder groups.