Umbr Tree products bag RoHS certification

Bangalore: Umbr Tree, a Bengaluru-based fine home fragrance company has recently received RoHS certification for all its products. This RoHS certification indicates that all Umbr Tree products are free from hazardous materials.

The Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) certification is a product level compliance based on the directive by European Union and verifies that all those products which are compliant with this directive does not exceed the permissible limits of restricted materials. For instance, Phthalates are one of the non-RoHS chemicals which are known for their wide use in cosmetics and perfumes. They are a carcinogenic agent that affects endocrine, reproductive and immune system and usage of such products is considered not safe to people and the environment. Compared to other brands that use paraffin or petroleum byproducts and other harmful chemicals, the RoHS certification indicates that Umbr Tree products are free from any toxic chemicals, dyes and additives.


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