Unacademy announces a new policy to offer Free Subscriptions for children of all Employees & Educators

Mumbai: Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform, today announced a new policy for the children of its employees and Plus Educators on the occasion of Children’s Day. ‘Unacademy Genext’ is a policy which offers free Unacademy Subscriptions across K-12 & Competitive exam categories for all parents at Unacademy for all their children. It is valid for all current as well as new employees and Plus Educators joining the company from 14th November 2021 onwards.

“It brings me immense joy to announce our ‘Unacademy Genext’ policy on Children’s Day as it will provide unrestricted access to high quality education for the next generation children of Unacademy. Through this initiative, we take one more step forward towards democratizing high quality education, especially with the people who have significantly contributed to Unacademy’s growth. I look forward to the deep and meaningful impact it is set to create” said Tina Balachandran, Vice President – HR, Unacademy.

As per the policy, parents can avail free subscriptions to multiple relevant goals at a time for each child. Parents with more than one child can fill separate requisitions to avail free subscriptions for any relevant goal at a time for each child. Further, the subscription will be valid till the end of goal subscription even if the parent is not affiliated with the organization.

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