Unacademy forays into non-test prep space with the launch of Chess subscription

Mumbai: Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform, announced it is foraying into the non-test prep space with the launch of a subscription for learning Chess. The course will include valuable lessons, tips and tricks, and will be taught by 13 international Grandmasters including Viswanathan Anand, Vladimir Kramnik, Pravin Thipsay, Sriram Jha, Vijaylakshmi Subbaraman, Romain Edouard, Girish Koushik, Abhijeet Gupta and Sahaj Grover through interactive Live Classes.

The Live Classes are designed to cater to all Learners interested in Chess, from beginners to those in advanced stages and even those looking to improve their game for competitive purposes. The Live Classes will be accompanied by in-class quizzes, personalised and immediate feedback to help improve each Learner’s game, along with frequent mini tournaments to test one’s proficiency level. With upto 200 hours of new content every month from the masters of the game, Learners can choose between monthly and more long term subscriptions.

While subscriptions are already available for chess enthusiasts to purchase, the course will be launched on the Unacademy platform on August 15. A preview of the course through daily Live Classes is available on the Youtube channel ‘Unacademy Chess India’ where Praful Zaveri, the author of a critically acclaimed book on Chess, conducted the first Live Class for the course.
“At Unacademy, our mission is to help people achieve their life goals. With a Chess subscription, learners can expect to receive the best training from world class experts of the game and pursue it as a serious life goal, or even a career. A product like this for Chess enthusiasts has not been built before, and this is one among several other initiatives by which we want to cater to the varied learning needs of people, irrespective of what their life goal is,” said Gaurav Munjal, Co-Founder and CEO, Unacademy.

“Chess remains one of the most mentally stimulating games in the world. It has the ability to shape your mind to think and perform better. In a game of chess, one can win only when they can read the situation and predict the opponent’s moves even before they make them. It gives me immense pleasure to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to explore the game of Chess. I think it is a wonderful initiative by Unacademy to have the people of the game come together, share their knowledge to create an environment of learning, and inspire more individuals to take up this wonderful sport,” said Viswanathan Anand, Indian Chess Grandmaster.

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