Undergraduate Programs at IIT Jodhpur: A unique pathway for Technocrats of the 21st century


JODHPUR : Future technocrats need interdisciplinary skills. They should have the ability to unleash their imaginations and expertise to recognise and solve complex problems with their in-depth knowledge. They should know how to anticipate which innovations matter the most. IIT Jodhpur has designed academic programs aligned to this global need. Key features of the programs are:

Ø The fundamentals of basic and engineering sciences for enabling students to have a broader multi-disciplinary perspective for the specialization being pursued

Ø Early design courses with a focus on conceptual multi-disciplinary design methods rather than discipline-specific focus enabling students to think and act like technocrats

Ø Requisite disciplinary depth with a focus on the state of the art

Ø Option to study a wide range of departmental specializations or minor areas in emerging domains

Ø Opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, and engineering innovation through industry collaboration as part of the regular program.


At present, IIT Jodhpur offers eight B.Tech programs offering the above-mentioned salient features with multi-disciplinary learning opportunities. The B.Tech. programs include:


1) Bioengineering

2) AI and Data Science

3) Materials Engineering

4) Chemical Engineering

5) Computer Science and Engineering

6) Electrical Engineering

7) Mechanical Engineering

8) Civil and Infrastructure Engineering


In addition to the above programs, the flexible academic structure allows students to opt for a B.Tech in Engineering Science as an informed choice after completing the first year studies. Each student can design a program of his own in consultation with a faculty mentor to meet personal preferences and get trained for unique graduate outcomes in alignment with emerging industrial or research trends. Such flexibility of the academic curriculum enables a student to build up a broader foundation in emerging technologies. Option of Double B.Tech. with a second degree in Engineering Science program is also available.


Highlighting unique features of the academic curriculum at IIT Jodhpur, Prof. Santanu Chaudhury, Director, IIT Jodhpur, said, “IIT Jodhpur is committed to deliver a future-focussed educational experience to our undergraduate students who are expected to be critical thinkers, innovators, and future leaders of technology. A contemporary and highly professional curriculum, opportunities for a multidisciplinary exploration of engineering problems in teams, with sustainability in focus, makes IITJ’s education unique and valuable. “