Underprivileged Children from Mumbai visit ‘Rosatom School’ in Thailand

New Delhi: Rosatom (India), the Indian subsidiary of Rosatom, Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation, facilitated an exchange programme for six under-privileged students from Mumbai to the ‘Rosatom School’ in Thailand. Aptly titled the ‘Mystery Shift’, the International Children’s Camp witnessed children from various countries between the age of 7-17 years attend the programme.

Rizwana Shaikh, Sana Shaikh, Saqlainuddin Shaikh, Abida Shaikh, Prajwal Mehetre & Kuvarji Bhatt were selected for the International Children’s Camp. Schoolchildren from seven countries– Russia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam and the Czech Republic camped on the shores of the Andaman Sea. The ‘Mystery Shift’ was accompanied by a professional team of Russian teachers, as well as the group leaders.

Ms. Kripa Sagar, Trustee of the NGO, ‘Take a Breath of Fresh Air’, accompanied the delegation from India. A variety of workshops at the ‘Mystery Shift’ allowed each participant to find an interesting and relevant type of activity as well as to participate in all kinds of activities within their responsible choice. Children interacted with their peers, understanding more about various cultures of the world, thus bringing them closer to each other.

A workshop titled ‘Cheerleading’ allowed teenagers to master the basic skills of teamwork, the ability to organize their leisure time and become free in self-expression. A workshop on quantitative skills titled ‘Math’s Box’ presented the final product of the work: independently developed and conducted a polylingual multicultural quest with non-standard tasks and paradoxes, ciphers and cryptography.

The participants of the workshops ‘Dance-expedition’ and ‘Theater performance’ prepared surprises for the Closing Ceremony of the camp shift. A mock parliament was organized for the students, providing them exposure to concept of elected leadership. The children formed new friendships, new ideas and gamechanging experiences, making the programme a true success.