UNESCO and CERLALC invite families to participate in the “Tales of the Wind” contest

UNESCO and the Regional Center for Book Promotion in Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) invite all families in the region to create stories and share them in videos up to 5 minutes long on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #TalesOfTheWind.

The initiative aims to promote spaces the telling of stories as a family, the development of life skills, and the strengthening of healthy bonds. Creating “Tales of the Wind” can help strengthen family ties and, at the same time, weave broader relationships with other families, other countries and other cultures in the region.

Additionally, this seeks to promote regional participation and integration by sharing our knowledge and contexts through storytelling.

Why this initiative?

The closure of schools, libraries, cultural centers and other meeting places, as a preventive response to COVID-19, has had an impact of everyone’s lives. Families face the challenge of carrying out activities that contribute simultaneously to significant learning and harmonious coexistence. One of these activities can be storytelling. Stories are essential resources to develop learning and to provide the possibility of getting to know different realities.

How can I participate?

You can send stories related to any of these topics:

  • How can we take care of ourselves in these times of confinement and social distancing?
  • How do you interact with your friends, family, or neighbors during the pandemic?
  • How can we build a different world after the pandemic? What would this world be like?

Download the terms & conditions (PDF)

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