UNESCO and Takhte launch third book of youth essays ‘Year 2 AC (After Coronavirus)’

Continuing with the momentum of the previous editions of their pan India essay contest, the UNESCO New Delhi Cluster and Takhte launched the third edition of the Essay contest book, ‘Year 2 AC (After Coronavirus): A Future Imagined by Youth’ on 17 December 2021.

The book contains a compilation of 100 winning essays written by young Indians and presents their unique perspectives on the challenges that youth face in the wake of the COVID pandemic – from disruption to education, to massive increases in the use of digital challenges. The contest presented them with a platform to imagine solutions to these challenges, both for the short and long terms. Over 900 submissions from across 30 States and Union Territories were received.

The book is a must-read to understand the observations, perspectives, and foresight of young writers across India. It includes a plethora of issues covered by the young writers, varying from education to culture, community to biodiversity, and the environment to disruptions in tourism. The anthology of essays is distinctive and unique, providing an important space for young people to demonstrate their knowledge, capacities, and drive for action.