UNESCO and UNDP to Support Radio Stations to Cope With Disinformation About Coronavirus Epidemic

The audio messages published in seven languages in the last few weeks by UNESCO, the education, science and culture organization of United Nations, have been translated to Turkish as the eighth language by the collaboration of UNDP Turkey.

The audio messages are aiming to cope with global disinformation and encourage healthy behavior amidst the COVID-19 epidemic. The messages can be used by any media outlet, free of charge.

The audio messages that regard disinformation can be as harmful as the virus itself consist of eight different messages in fields such as methods to cope with disinformation and speculations about the epidemic and virus, media and awareness, literacy and scrutinizing authenticity of information.

The Turkish dubbing , which were performed by theater and voice artist Toprak Sergen, can be accessed from https://bit.ly/COVIDRadyoSpotlari.

Any public and private radio outlets can download these spots from this address and broadcast them free of charge.

The users can also share the audio messages on social media.

#shareinformation   #stayathome

Detailed information: Faik Uyanık, UNDP Turkey, [email protected]