UNESCO calls for contributions for flash talks on safety of journalists

As part of the 2021 World Press Freedom Day Academic Conference on the Safety of Journalists, the Journalism Safety Research Network (JSRN)* is launching the first in a series of knowledge exchange sessions. The event will serve as an informal space for representatives from civil society organizations, and academic researchers to share thoughts and current knowledge related to problems of the safety of journalists.

The 30-minute session will be held on 29 April from 5.30 to 6 pm CAT as part of the World Press Freedom Day Academic Conference on the Safety of Journalists.

Participants will be invited to prepare a two-minute flash talk based on one of the below options:

  • a research idea/question, which can be based on ongoing research or an idea for future research, and a discussion on how this research idea addresses concrete problems related to the safety of journalists;
  • an existing knowledge gap related to issues of the safety of journalists alongside ideas for what kind of research would be needed to address said knowledge gap.

Presentations on any matter relevant to the safety of journalists are welcome. Topics could for instance include legal and other forms of protection mechanisms, gender dimensions, online aggressions and attacks, psychological, practitioner and educational issues. For examples of more possible topics please see UNESCO’s Research agenda on the Safety of Journalists

The deadline for submitting a proposal for a two-minute flash talk is 25 April. Selected participants will be informed on 26 April.

To submit a proposal please use this form.

Participants will also need to register (registration is free) for the WPFD conference (mandatory): https://en.unesco.org/feedback/world-press-freedom-conference-2021-registration

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