UNESCO calls for countering misinformation about COVID-19

Having access to credible information sources, having media information literacy skills and ability to control emotional reaction are crucial tools to have all of us prepared and ready to affront this critical situation linked to COVID-19 spread. The UNESCO Tashkent Office prepared Coronavirus Messages for Radio.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, trust only official information sources and credible media outlets. Do not share unverified information and do not spread rumors!

Know credible information sources

Disinformation is spreading alongside the outbreak of the new coronavirus. To counter this, it is important to share information coming from reliable sources, such as official national health authorities and the World Health Organization.

Teach your child Media and Information Literacy

Are you a parent? Now that you are spending more time at home, why not to teach your child how to spot false content and rumors? Find a piece of information online that is confirmed as disinformation, and ask your child these questions: Who made this and for what purpose? For whom was this made? Is it from a reliable source?

Beware of false experts and charlatans

Has someone you know sent you an advice from an unknown expert against coronavirus? Watch out, the expert may not be an authentic one! One way to manipulate information is through the use of a “false expert”, who can add more credibility to the message. Always verify who that expert is, what is his/her experience on the topic, and which organization he/she represents.

Control your emotional reaction

When you are scrolling through your news feed, and you read a message about the coronavirus, think about how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel angry? sad? depressed? or shocked? Disinformation can be spread through the use of emotion-targeted content. Before sharing or reacting to such content, try to think of where it comes from, who might benefit from it, and who might be hurt from it. Think before clicking. Think before sharing information.

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