UNESCO Capacity Building of the Higher Education Sector in Mongolia -A Korea Funds in Trust (KFIT) project

UNESCO’s support to the higher education sector in the Asia and the Pacific region is focused in 5 strategic areas:

(i) Policy dialogue and advocacy,

(ii) capacity development and strengthening quality assurance systems in higher education,

(iii) supporting implementation of qualifications frameworks,

(iv) ensuring fair recognition of qualifications,

(v) Knowledge sharing through knowledge networks.


On 11 October 2021, UNESCO Beijing will provide the funding for the equipment provision for the higher education project in Mongolia to compliment the on-going Regional Korea Funds-in-Trust (KFIT) higher education project in Mongolia in terms of the policy dialogue, capacity development and equipment components of the project. The project is aligned with the Mongolian Government’s education vision 2050 and Education Sector Medium Term Development Plan (2021-2030). Under education sector policy review conducted by UNESCO in 2019, the higher education sector reform is fundamental to producing the quality graduates for the needs of the labour market. In addition to equipment provision, UNESCO will also provide additional policy advice and technical support assistance to the Ministry of Education and Science and National Accreditation Council to reform the higher education system in Mongolia in accordance with policy coherence across qualification frameworks, quality assurance and recognition of qualifications by implementing regional quality tools. The project will be sustained for the next two years of implementation.


The Mongolia higher education project is implemented within the framework of the regional project implemented by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok to strengthen the Asia-Pacific Network of National Information Centres (APNNIC) and assist Member States to develop or improve their National Information Centers (NICs) to promote transparent and fair information sharing in higher education among State Parties to the Tokyo Convention and relevant stakeholders. It also shall contribute towards monitoring, evaluation and the implementation of regional quality tools and the role of NICs in the Asia-Pacific region in line with the Tokyo Convention and the 2019 UNESCO Global Convention on recognition of qualifications in higher education. Mongolia is expected to ratify the 2019 Global Convention on Recognition of Qualifications in higher education very soon.