UNESCO Celebrates first International Day against Violence and Bullying at School Including Cyberbullying

Paris: On the occasion of the first International Day against Violence and Bullying at School, Including Cyberbullying, UNESCO and the French Ministry of Education Youth and Sports will host an online International Conference on School Bullying among Students on 5 November from 1 pm to 3 pm, Central European Time. The event follows the commitment made in this regard by the ministers of education of the G7 under the presidency of France in 2019.


Harassment at school deprives millions of young people of the fundamental right to education. According to UNESCO, one in every three students worldwide has been a victim of bullying and has had to endure its devastating consequences such as: declining academic performance, dropping out of school, and potentially life-threatening physical and, or, mental issues. Moreover, school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led learners to increase their screen time very considerably and unstructured time online can increase their exposure to cyberbullying.


The conference aims to create a global momentum to end bullying in schools by raising awareness, exchanging best practices and mobilizing governments, experts and the educational community.


The event will include roundtable discussions with ministers, experts and representatives of the educational community. It will also feature testimonies and a series of recommendations by experts specializing in the fight against bullying.