UNESCO Dhaka Office joins virtual inauguration ceremony of project – “Bridging the Digital Education Divide to Reduce the Gap”

Across the world, the COVID-19 coronavirus has disrupted schooling and education. Similar to many other countries, in Bangladesh all education institutions are currently closed, presenting an unprecedented challenge to learners, parents, teachers, and caregivers all over the country.

UNESCO’s aim is to ensure that “learning never stops” and that no one is left behind. To achieve this and to reach each and every learner, it is imperative to use a mix of distance learning information and communication technologies, including TV and radio, as well as digital and mobile devices that allow learners to access lessons and learning materials from home.

Huawei Bangladesh, a member of the UNESCO Global Education Coalition, has partnered with Bijoy Digital to provide digital solutions to T&T Boys High Schools in Dhaka and other schools in Bangladesh to facilitate distance learning. The two-year initiative “Bridging the Digital Education Divide to Reduce the Gap”, under which Huawei Bangladesh will provide tablet devices with the Bijoy Digital App along with Internet connectivity to selected schools, was successfully launched during a virtual inauguration ceremony on July 8, 2020. Mr.

Mustafa Jabbar, Minister, PTD, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh attended the ceremony as the chief guest.

On behalf of UNESCO, Ms. Beatrice Kaldun, Head of Office and UNESCO Representative to Bangladesh presented congratulatory remarks. Other speakers and high-level guests included Mr. Zhang Zhengjun, CEO, Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited, Ms. Jasmine Jui, CEO, Bijoy Digital, as well as Ms. Halima Begum, Head Teacher, T&T Boys High School.