UNESCO-EU project team met with Regional Departments of partner Ministries in Bukhara region

In October 2021 UNESCO-EU project team spent a week in Bukhara region and met with Regional Departments of the Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Agriculture, Council of Farmers of Bukhara region.  Experts explored required skills from the graduates of Irrigation and Agriculture colleges. It was emphasized that adjusting the skills and professions required by the labour market is essential. Project team also visited Agricultural cluster with Council of Farmers in Zhondor region to get better understanding of their needs in skills and knowledge as well as areas of their interest for their better operation.

Project team met with Mr Hamid Kobilov, Head of Department of Bukhara region, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, The Center for Vocational. The national plan of supporting the colleges with modernization and dual education system was further explored. It was agreed that the support of this project to the colleges should align with the support of the governmental initiative, and it was also suggested that the support of education material should focus on dual-education system to bring in the theoretical and practical parts.

Second meeting was with Mr Imomov Shavkat Jakhonovich, Director of Bukhara Branch, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers. Potential collaboration to support the colleges to foster the entrepreneurship of students and graduates was discussed. The efforts of the Institute and example of entrepreneurship of students were shown, and the importance of support to these activities was emphasized.