UNESCO fosters peaceful co-existence and tolerance through education in Mosul primary schools

Teachers, parents and school management play a key role in the development of a generation scarred by violence and loss; they contribute to shaping the future and wellbeing of children in Mosul. In recognition of the devastating impact of ISIL/Da’esh in terms of the psychosocial impact on thousands of children and young people in Iraq, UNESCO’s Prevention of Violent Extremists through Education (PVE-E) projects, in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Education in Nineveh, funded by the Government of Japan and Netherlands, aim to build the capacity and pedagogies needed to foster primary school learners’ resilience to violent extremism ideologies and strengthen their commitments to peace.

To date 26 trainers, 743 primary school teachers and school managers, and 307 parents have completed the PVE-E training in Mosul.