UNESCO in Brazil and WWF-Brazil draw attention to the need to protect the Biosphere Reserves

On the occasion of the International Day for Biological Diversity today (20) will be launched the third explanatory video in a series on the Biosphere Reserve, produced by the partnership between UNESCO in Brazil, the Man and the Biosphere Program, the Pantanal Biosphere Reserve and WWF-Brazil, and withthe European Union funding.

The intention of this production is to contribute to the dissemination of the concept of the Biosphere Reserve, as well as its importance and viability as a strategy for conservation and economic and social development. Aimed at organizations, producers, government and the local population, the video series presents the main concepts of the Reserve and provides examples of successful projects.

This latest video in the series, released today, presents examples of projects and governance of Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve, which is the oldest in the country and responsible for nationally and internationally recognized experiences. This chapter was produced in partnership with the Mata Atlantica Biosphere Reserve Committee.

The first episode explains the general concept of Biosphere Reserve (BR) and the second is focused on the Pantanal Biosphere Reserve, on how it is formatted and how its governance takes place.