UNESCO in Brazil joins projects in support of communities affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic

The initiatives led by CUFA and Ação da Cidadania will reach communities across the country and is being supported by various artists
As part of its emergency efforts in helping to mitigate the consequences caused by COVID-19 in the country, UNESCO in Brazil will contribute to actions and projects aimed at serving vulnerable communities and people. In partnership with the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) and with the NGO Ação da Cidadania, it will carry out community projects in several states, particularly in communities in urban centers.

UNESCO will support CUFA in the Mães da Favela (“Mothers of the Favela”) project. The initiative aims to provide support to families led by women who have had their income affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. As for now, the program has benefited around 500 thousand families in 5,000 communities, reaching almost 2 million people. More than 6 million tons of food have already been invested and a total of R$ 60 million has been invested in “mother vouchers” and in food care packages distributed throughout the country.

Mães da Favela wants to increase the engagement of society and expand the capacity to support mothers in other Brazilian favelas. The project will launch a national campaign, with the participation of ambassadors of the initiative and renowned artists, such as Daniela Mercury, Iza, Claudia Leite, among others. In support of the campaign, the singer Anitta will make a live show, on Mother’s Day (10), when will be announced strategies for attracting donations that will be fully reverted to the program.

Another prominent partnership is with the NGO Ação da Cidadania. This program´s objective is to intensify the distribution of food throughout the country, especially for families affected by the impacts of the serious health crisis. The partnership will have the strategic support of the Cátedra UNESCO Dom Hélder Câmara de Direitos Humanos of Universidade Católica de Recife (Unicap) and the Fundação Renova for the indication of groups at risk and the coordination of food donation and delivery efforts.

“It is a privilege for UNESCO to support the work of CUFA and the Mãe da Favela project. These are mobilizations that bring quick and effective help to those who really need it, at this moment when we need to act quickly to reach so many families in situations of vulnerability ”, says Marlova Jovchelovitch Noleto, Director and Representative of UNESCO in Brazil.

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